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Galdino had eagerly rushed to his room to gather his collection of toys, excited and just a bit nervous to finally do what he’d done to himself for so long with another person. He spread them out on the bed, allowing Crocodile to look over all of them before making a choice.

            “Impressive,” Crocodile smirked. “I’d like to use the collar.”

            “Please do,” Galdino said, sitting himself on the bed and staring up at the taller man.

            Crocodile picked up the collar and fastened it around Galdino’s neck gently. The feeling that surged through him at this was infinitely better than what had been flowing through him as he stared down the pirates he’d murdered. He felt as if he’d reached heaven, and they’d barely started.

            “I’ll help with the clothes, pet,” Crocodile said, leaning in to kiss Galdino gently. He carefully started to unbutton Galdino’s shirt. Soon he was removing the shirt and laying Galdino back on the bed to start kissing over his body.

            Galdino was quickly becoming breathless – he wasn’t used to this at all and even the small bit of foreplay he’d received was nearly overwhelming. “Boss, you… You just took my first kiss.”

            “Mm?” Crocodile breathed into his neck. “Your first? I’m honored… and you’ll be getting a lot more than just your first right now.” Teeth clamped down on Galdino’s neck to punctuate the sentence.

            Galdino cried out, hands scrambling for purchase on Crocodile’s shoulders. “Before you do anything else…” he panted, “You should also know I’ve never done anything sexual with another person before.”

            “A virgin, hm?” Crocodile purred. “If you can even call yourself that with how many toys you seem to use…” His hand fell to Galdino’s pants, undoing the zipper and slowly tugging them down.

            Galdino’s face went red. “Boss!”

            “Shush, you know it’s true,” Crocodile said. “But you want me now, don’t you?”

            Galdino nodded fervently. “Yes, Boss…”

            “Good.” Crocodile set about further undressing his submissive, giving light kisses on every new bit of flesh he uncovered. Finally, he got Galdino down to nothing, and stood up again to loom over him imposingly. “Now, sit up and undress me.”

            Galdino quickly did as he was told, getting to his feet and carefully removing each article of clothing from his boss until he too was nude. It was difficult to see with his suit on, but now Galdino had a full view of the large muscles in the man’s arms and legs. He had a small belly as well, but if anything it looked good on him, as if it should be there. Imitating what Crocodile had done to him, he started to gently kiss up and down the man’s front, before he was stopped by a hand placed on his head.

            “Lay back down, pet,” Crocodile ordered. “Let me show you how I do things.”

            Galdino obeyed, laying back down across the bed and giving a glance over at the toys still laid out next to him.

            Crocodile selected one of the vibrators, a personal favorite of Galdino’s actually, and handed it to Galdino along with the bottle of lube laid out next to the toys. “Lube it up for me, along with yourself. I’d like to watch you get yourself ready.”

            Squirting some of the lube into his hand, Galdino applied it liberally to the vibrator, which he handed back to Crocodile before reaching down to tend to himself. He gave a slightly unsure glance up at the man before proceeding to insert a finger into himself, his face heating up at the thought that he was penetrating himself in front of someone else.

            “Good boy,” Crocodile praised. “Make sure you’re nice and ready for this.” He held up the vibrator.

            “I… I think I am…” Galdino managed. “Please… show me what you know, Boss.”

            “Alright then.”

    Crocodile turned on the vibrator and slowly pushed it into Galdino’s entrance. Galdino couldn’t stop the moan that came out of him at this, heat beginning to pool in his groin. He moaned out again as Crocodile started to slowly stroke his cock, quickly raising it to full attention.

    “That was fast,” Crocodile teased. “Your body seems to be desperate for me.”

    Galdino nodded, whining a bit as Crocodile traced circles over his tip and arching his back as the man’s hand moved down to turn the vibrator up to a higher setting. “The leash… please…”

    Crocodile grabbed the leash that was attached to Galdino’s collar, looping it around his hook so that his hand could be free to pleasure his pet. The newfound tension on his collar sent a throb through Galdino’s length and he whimpered as Crocodile continued to stroke him.

    “You come apart so easily…” Crocodile commented. “I’m going to have to move on then, or you’ll finish before I can even fuck you.” He grinned, tugging Galdino to a sitting position by his leash.

    With a slight bit of satisfaction, Galdino noted that his boss was already hard. However, that satisfaction was replaced with more pleasure as the change in position caused the vibrator to rub up against his prostate. He groaned, the sensation almost becoming too much for him.

    “Boss, please… I want you…”

    “Very well then, I can see you’re going to lose it if I keep that vibe in you,” Crocodile said, running his fingers delicately up Galdino’s cock. “So sensitive… So needy.”

    Crocodile removed the vibrator slowly, drawing the sensation out for Galdino until there was nothing but emptiness. Though, the emptiness was quickly replaced with a new heat pressing into him. He gasped as he received Crocodile, the size of him comparable to some of his largest toys. The feeling was amazing, and he fought the urge to orgasm right then and there.

    “Do not finish until I’ve given you permission,” Crocodile ordered as he began to thrust at a slow pace, still stroking Galdino’s length lightly.

    Galdino had forgotten which way was up by now, every sensation coming at him from every direction possible. He could only lay there and attempt to move with his boss as the pace of his thrusting increased. It felt so good to be filled again, and even better that he was being filled by the first man he’d truly fallen in love with. He was coming close again, and he looked up at his boss for approval.

    “Please… Please let me…” he begged, unable to even finish the sentence.

    Crocodile seemed to be coming close too, and he gave a nod to his pet as he continued to crash his hips into Galdino’s.

    As soon as he saw the nod, Galdino allowed himself to lose control, his back arching off the bed as he released hot liquid onto himself. The moan he let out was embarrassingly loud, and he was sure anyone staying in a room in the same hallway as theirs would have heard it. His muscles clamped around Crocodile with his release, prompting Crocodile to finish inside of him, filling him up with a warm feeling he’d never experienced before and making him moan out a second time. When it was all over, Crocodile pulled out and held his pet close, the both of them panting heavily.

    “So did you enjoy that?” he asked, out of breath.

    Galdino could only nod, clinging to his boss tightly as he was cuddled.

    “Good…” Crocodile stroked Galdino’s hair gently, holding him as he closed his eyes. “And you know? These past few weeks you’ve managed to sway me. You’re adorable, talented, loyal…” He gave a small kiss to the top of Galdino’s head. “I love you… Aldi.”

    Galdino’s eyes snapped open for a second as he heard the familiar nickname, then closed again as he took in the statement.

    “I love you too, Boss.”


    The next day, Galdino would be able to finally bury his mother’s coffin.

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Galdino was given time off from bounty hunting after that, and he was allowed to stay with Crocodile as some of the finer points of the company were shaped. He’d gotten a say in a few things, most notably the name of the organization. It had been dubbed ‘Baroque Works’, a reference to a style of art and thus a credit to Galdino for being the company’s most valuable asset.

    Time was also made while Galdino was in the office to discuss relationship boundaries. Crocodile, being the only one with actual experience, drove these discussions in order to set things up before they proceeded any further.

    “So, we’ll need a safe word,” he said. “So I can stop if I’m going too far. It’ll help as I’m getting to know you, and what you like and don’t like. I’m partial to ‘merlot’ myself.”

    “That works…” Galdino agreed timidly. He’d been in a state of slight disbelief ever since Crocodile had initiated things, but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

    “And is there anything you absolutely can’t stand?” Crocodile asked. “Something you’d be completely turned off or even damaged by?”

    Galdino had to think for a second. “Hm… I’m not good with extreme pain. And… if any dirty talk gets too degrading I may back out. Aside from that… I can’t think of much.”

    “For me, what I ask is that you be honest with me,” Crocodile said, suddenly turning serious. “Use your safe word when you need it. Do not push yourself too far. And… respect me when I say I’m not in the mood.”

    “I can do that,” Galdino agreed.

    “Now is there anything in particular that you’d want from me? Something that really pleases you?”

    Galdino blushed. “I… enjoy receiving orders. And I would love to be talked down to. The way you fluster me and then grin like that… It’s amazing.”

    “Can do,” Crocodile replied. “As for me I’d just like to see you enjoying what I give you.”

    “And would you… care to give me something right now?” Galdino asked. Admittedly the situation was putting him in the mood pretty well. Outwardly discussing things like this always got him going.

    “My, aren’t we greedy?” Crocodile said, showing that grin again. “I suppose we can try things out.”

    “I-I have some toys in my room,” Galdino blurted out.

    “Oh?” Crocodile said. “Let me take my pick then.”


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I am but an awkward turtle who enjoys drawing and crafting. Don't be afraid to talk to me. Chances are I'm more scared of you than you are of me.

Also, a heads-up; I draw a lot of somewhat odd fetish art and I am a generally strange and eccentric person.

My Mr. 3 ask/RP blog: ask-san-san-the-artist.tumblr.…


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Commissions are open until further notice!

Price List

Full Body

Sketch: $10, for each extra character add $5

Flat-colored sketch: $12, for each extra character add $6

Shaded sketch: $15, for each extra character add $7

Lineart: $15, for each extra character add $7

Lineart + flat color: $20, for each extra character add $10

Lineart + shading: $25, for each extra character add $12

For a design background (polka dots, etc.) add $5 to any of these.

For a background with actual items (chair, food, etc.) add $7 to any of these.

Waist Up

Sketch: $7, for each extra character add $3

Flat-colored sketch: $10, for each extra character add $5

Shaded sketch: $12, for each extra character add $6

Lineart: $12, for each extra character add $6

Flat color: $15, for each extra character add $7

Shading: $20, for each extra character add $10

For a design background (polka dots, etc.) add $5 to any of these.

For a background with actual items (chair, food, etc.) add $7 to any of these.


Sketch: $2 each

Flat-colored sketch: $3 each

Shaded sketch: $4 each

Lineart: $4 each

Lineart + flat color: $5 each

Lineart + shading: $7 each

For a design background (polka dots/etc.) add $2 to any of these.

For a background with actual items (chair, food, etc.) add $4 to any of these.

I will do NSFW and kink art at no extra charge.

Please, please send references. Even if you don’t have your OC drawn or you want a canon character with a specific body type that there’s no art of, try to look up a reference that is similar to them. Putting together several references and specifying which traits from them you want your commissioned characters to have is the best way to go if you don’t have a pic.

My email is Please send any commission requests there along with references. I ask for payment in advance because there are unfortunately people out there who will ask for a drawing and never pay for it.

Here are some examples of my work:

Sketch, waist up, no background:


Shaded sketch, waist up w/ design background:


Lineart + shading, waist up, no background:



Lineart + shading, full body w/ design background:



Lineart+shading, waist up w/ actual background:


Lineart + shading, headshot w/ item background:


Lineart/shading, headshot w/ design background:

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