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Galdino had eagerly rushed to his room to gather his collection of toys, excited and just a bit nervous to finally do what he’d done to himself for so long with another person. He spread them out on the bed, allowing Crocodile to look over all of them before making a choice.

            “Impressive,” Crocodile smirked. “I’d like to use the collar.”

            “Please do,” Galdino said, sitting himself on the bed and staring up at the taller man.

            Crocodile picked up the collar and fastened it around Galdino’s neck gently. The feeling that surged through him at this was infinitely better than what had been flowing through him as he stared down the pirates he’d murdered. He felt as if he’d reached heaven, and they’d barely started.

            “I’ll help with the clothes, pet,” Crocodile said, leaning in to kiss Galdino gently. He carefully started to unbutton Galdino’s shirt. Soon he was removing the shirt and laying Galdino back on the bed to start kissing over his body.

            Galdino was quickly becoming breathless – he wasn’t used to this at all and even the small bit of foreplay he’d received was nearly overwhelming. “Boss, you… You just took my first kiss.”

            “Mm?” Crocodile breathed into his neck. “Your first? I’m honored… and you’ll be getting a lot more than just your first right now.” Teeth clamped down on Galdino’s neck to punctuate the sentence.

            Galdino cried out, hands scrambling for purchase on Crocodile’s shoulders. “Before you do anything else…” he panted, “You should also know I’ve never done anything sexual with another person before.”

            “A virgin, hm?” Crocodile purred. “If you can even call yourself that with how many toys you seem to use…” His hand fell to Galdino’s pants, undoing the zipper and slowly tugging them down.

            Galdino’s face went red. “Boss!”

            “Shush, you know it’s true,” Crocodile said. “But you want me now, don’t you?”

            Galdino nodded fervently. “Yes, Boss…”

            “Good.” Crocodile set about further undressing his submissive, giving light kisses on every new bit of flesh he uncovered. Finally, he got Galdino down to nothing, and stood up again to loom over him imposingly. “Now, sit up and undress me.”

            Galdino quickly did as he was told, getting to his feet and carefully removing each article of clothing from his boss until he too was nude. It was difficult to see with his suit on, but now Galdino had a full view of the large muscles in the man’s arms and legs. He had a small belly as well, but if anything it looked good on him, as if it should be there. Imitating what Crocodile had done to him, he started to gently kiss up and down the man’s front, before he was stopped by a hand placed on his head.

            “Lay back down, pet,” Crocodile ordered. “Let me show you how I do things.”

            Galdino obeyed, laying back down across the bed and giving a glance over at the toys still laid out next to him.

            Crocodile selected one of the vibrators, a personal favorite of Galdino’s actually, and handed it to Galdino along with the bottle of lube laid out next to the toys. “Lube it up for me, along with yourself. I’d like to watch you get yourself ready.”

            Squirting some of the lube into his hand, Galdino applied it liberally to the vibrator, which he handed back to Crocodile before reaching down to tend to himself. He gave a slightly unsure glance up at the man before proceeding to insert a finger into himself, his face heating up at the thought that he was penetrating himself in front of someone else.

            “Good boy,” Crocodile praised. “Make sure you’re nice and ready for this.” He held up the vibrator.

            “I… I think I am…” Galdino managed. “Please… show me what you know, Boss.”

            “Alright then.”

    Crocodile turned on the vibrator and slowly pushed it into Galdino’s entrance. Galdino couldn’t stop the moan that came out of him at this, heat beginning to pool in his groin. He moaned out again as Crocodile started to slowly stroke his cock, quickly raising it to full attention.

    “That was fast,” Crocodile teased. “Your body seems to be desperate for me.”

    Galdino nodded, whining a bit as Crocodile traced circles over his tip and arching his back as the man’s hand moved down to turn the vibrator up to a higher setting. “The leash… please…”

    Crocodile grabbed the leash that was attached to Galdino’s collar, looping it around his hook so that his hand could be free to pleasure his pet. The newfound tension on his collar sent a throb through Galdino’s length and he whimpered as Crocodile continued to stroke him.

    “You come apart so easily…” Crocodile commented. “I’m going to have to move on then, or you’ll finish before I can even fuck you.” He grinned, tugging Galdino to a sitting position by his leash.

    With a slight bit of satisfaction, Galdino noted that his boss was already hard. However, that satisfaction was replaced with more pleasure as the change in position caused the vibrator to rub up against his prostate. He groaned, the sensation almost becoming too much for him.

    “Boss, please… I want you…”

    “Very well then, I can see you’re going to lose it if I keep that vibe in you,” Crocodile said, running his fingers delicately up Galdino’s cock. “So sensitive… So needy.”

    Crocodile removed the vibrator slowly, drawing the sensation out for Galdino until there was nothing but emptiness. Though, the emptiness was quickly replaced with a new heat pressing into him. He gasped as he received Crocodile, the size of him comparable to some of his largest toys. The feeling was amazing, and he fought the urge to orgasm right then and there.

    “Do not finish until I’ve given you permission,” Crocodile ordered as he began to thrust at a slow pace, still stroking Galdino’s length lightly.

    Galdino had forgotten which way was up by now, every sensation coming at him from every direction possible. He could only lay there and attempt to move with his boss as the pace of his thrusting increased. It felt so good to be filled again, and even better that he was being filled by the first man he’d truly fallen in love with. He was coming close again, and he looked up at his boss for approval.

    “Please… Please let me…” he begged, unable to even finish the sentence.

    Crocodile seemed to be coming close too, and he gave a nod to his pet as he continued to crash his hips into Galdino’s.

    As soon as he saw the nod, Galdino allowed himself to lose control, his back arching off the bed as he released hot liquid onto himself. The moan he let out was embarrassingly loud, and he was sure anyone staying in a room in the same hallway as theirs would have heard it. His muscles clamped around Crocodile with his release, prompting Crocodile to finish inside of him, filling him up with a warm feeling he’d never experienced before and making him moan out a second time. When it was all over, Crocodile pulled out and held his pet close, the both of them panting heavily.

    “So did you enjoy that?” he asked, out of breath.

    Galdino could only nod, clinging to his boss tightly as he was cuddled.

    “Good…” Crocodile stroked Galdino’s hair gently, holding him as he closed his eyes. “I love you… Aldi.”

    Galdino’s eyes snapped open for a second as he heard the familiar nickname, then closed again as he took in the statement.

    “I love you too, Boss.”


    The next day, Galdino would be able to finally bury his mother’s coffin.

Galdino was given time off from bounty hunting after that, and he was allowed to stay with Crocodile as some of the finer points of the company were shaped. He’d gotten a say in a few things, most notably the name of the organization. It had been dubbed ‘Baroque Works’, a reference to a style of art and thus a credit to Galdino for being the company’s most valuable asset.

    Time was also made while Galdino was in the office to discuss relationship boundaries. Crocodile, being the only one with actual experience, drove these discussions in order to set things up before they proceeded any further.

    “So, we’ll need a safe word,” he said. “So I can stop if I’m going too far. It’ll help as I’m getting to know you, and what you like and don’t like. I’m partial to ‘merlot’ myself.”

    “That works…” Galdino agreed timidly. He’d been in a state of slight disbelief ever since Crocodile had initiated things, but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

    “And is there anything you absolutely can’t stand?” Crocodile asked. “Something you’d be completely turned off or even damaged by?”

    Galdino had to think for a second. “Hm… I’m not good with extreme pain. And… if any dirty talk gets too degrading I may back out. Aside from that… I can’t think of much.”

    “For me, what I ask is that you be honest with me,” Crocodile said, suddenly turning serious. “Use your safe word when you need it. Do not push yourself too far. And… respect me when I say I’m not in the mood.”

    “I can do that,” Galdino agreed.

    “Now is there anything in particular that you’d want from me? Something that really pleases you?”

    Galdino blushed. “I… enjoy receiving orders. And I would love to be talked down to. The way you fluster me and then grin like that… It’s amazing.”

    “Can do,” Crocodile replied. “As for me I’d just like to see you enjoying what I give you.”

    “And would you… care to give me something right now?” Galdino asked. Admittedly the situation was putting him in the mood pretty well. Outwardly discussing things like this always got him going.

    “My, aren’t we greedy?” Crocodile said, showing that grin again. “I suppose we can try things out.”

    “I-I have some toys in my room,” Galdino blurted out.

    “Oh?” Crocodile said. “Let me take my pick then.”

    Galdino awoke groggily to find that Crocodile was already awake and out of his bed. He stirred a bit, contemplating staying in bed for a while, but reconsidered when he heard his boss in the suite’s kitchen. It had been a few days, and the man was still here. Galdino had already come to enjoy waking up with him, and greatly appreciated the fact that he had stayed.

    He got up and made his way to the kitchen, his hair still down around his shoulders and tangled a bit from turning in his sleep. He found Crocodile cooking some pancakes on the stove, hook already on despite the fact that he was still in his pajamas. He couldn’t help envisioning this as a domestic scenario, and he had to look away for a second as he bit his lip. It seemed that once Crocodile had moved in, the feelings Galdino had for him had gotten even stronger. But, he wasn’t about to try anything. He’d promised that there would be no ulterior motives, and he was going to honor the fact that Crocodile had not returned his feelings.

    “Nightmares?” Crocodile asked simply as he saw Galdino walk in.

    “None,” Galdino said.

    “That’s the third day in a row,” Crocodile chuckled. “You’d think I was magic.”

    You are. Galdino thought. But he wouldn’t say that out loud. Instead he simply returned a slight laugh and asked if he could have a pancake.

    Crocodile gave him one, and took one for himself, and they both sat down at the dining table. They ate in silence, Galdino thoroughly appreciating the fact that Crocodile seemed to be a phenomenal chef. Though, after several minutes Crocodile spoke up.

    “I’m not going to pretend I don’t know that you’re going nuts over me,” he said, pointing his fork at Galdino.

    Galdino froze, and practically dropped his own fork. “I’m sorry,” he said immediately, as if it were an automated response.

    “No, no, no,” Crocodile said. “I’m not going in that direction. I wanted to say I’ve been noticing something about you.”

    “Something… about me?” Galdino repeated. He was confused. If he wasn’t being reprimanded for still having those feelings, what was going on?

    “Yes, and it’s becoming fairly obvious to me. The entire reason you need me here, why you can’t cope with the power you’ve been given over all those pirates.”

    “Hm?” Galdino felt a creeping anxiety in the pit of his stomach. What exactly was going on here? What piece of information had the man found out that was so vital? And what was he going to do with it?

    He couldn’t have prepared himself for Crocodile’s response if he tried.

    “I know a submissive when I see one.”

    Galdino went bright red, and he glanced across the table to see a predatory grin plastered across his boss’s face. “W-what?”

    “You latched onto me because I complete you,” Crocodile said. “That is what you said, correct?”

    Galdino nodded, bemused.

    “I happen to be a Dominant,” Crocodile told him. “And you’ve been piquing my interest since you started following me around.”

    “You… You…” Galdino stammered. He felt as if he’d been temporarily short-circuited by what he’d just heard. “I… But… You said… No?”

    “Easy,” Crocodile said, looking amused. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

    Galdino finally managed to string a single coherent sentence together, though he had to get it out rapidly to avoid losing his train of thought again. “But you said you didn’t return the feeling.”

    “I said I wasn’t sure,” Crocodile corrected him. “Like I said, you’ve caught my eye since you started pulling the dopey dog routine.”

    “And your decision now..?” Galdino asked cautiously.

    “I think I’d like to see more of what you’re like when you submit,” Crocodile answered, grinning.

    “I… I…” Galdino had lost his ability to speak once again.

    “Is that a yes?” Crocodile asked.

    Galdino was practically shaking, and his blush had spread up to his ears. “That’s a yes.”

    “Then you can call me your Boss in a different sense, my new pet.”


    The meeting consisted of a very in-depth discussion of how Crocodile wanted the company he was forming to be organized. He stated that he’d actually gotten the idea for the numbered codenames he was going to give his agents from the nickname he’d come up with for Galdino. Misters One through Five would be his strongest men, meaning that Galdino, being nicknamed Mister Three, was one of the top members of the organization. Mister One was an old friend of his, he said, and he was still working on finding other people to fill the remaining positions. The numbers would extend all the way to Thirteen, and each agent would have a partner with a holiday as their codename. The company was yet unnamed, and would most likely stay that way until more agents were gathered.

    Throughout the coming weeks, Galdino was sent to hunt down pirates at Crocodile’s orders, while Crocodile himself began recruiting more people. As he was operating in secrecy now, under a codename, his ship had been repainted and the words ‘DELLA SALA WAXWORKS’ filled with plaster so that the engraving was no longer visible. He had a condition now, however. He was allowed to kill as many pirates as he wanted, but he needed to leave the bodies intact, so they could be identified in order for the company to claim their bounties. This brought a strange sense of repair to him as he did it. It was more controlled in a sense, and it made him feel less scattered.

    The nightmares continued, however, and were back to being an almost nightly occurrence. It seemed nothing Galdino did would stop the images from showing themselves in his sleep. Though there was one thing that did comfort him in his waking hours. When he stood at attention to receive his orders from Crocodile, he felt a sense of peace. He felt as if he belonged in that moment, answering his orders with, “Yes, Boss.” At this point, he wouldn’t be wrong to say he was enamored by the man. He’d noticed himself start to latch onto Crocodile, following him around like a lost puppy. He couldn’t seem to get enough of the imposing yet calming aura coming off the man like cologne.

    And when he started to think about discussing his personal problems with the man, he knew he was in deep.


    “Boss…” Galdino approached the man’s desk slowly. He’d just come back from turning in his latest bounty, and his spirits were rather low. While he was in hiding, stalking the man he was supposed to kill, he’d witnessed something he’d hoped he’d never have to see again. This pirate, this horrid creature, had murdered a woman as Galdino watched from the shadows. All he could see as she fell to the ground was his mother.

    Naturally he was distraught, so much so that tearstains were visible on his face. He’d forced himself to stop crying before presenting himself to Crocodile, as he knew it wouldn’t be appreciated to show weakness like that when he’d been hired as an assassin. But… he wasn’t sure now if he was going to stay an assassin. It hadn’t helped his nightmares at all, and if he had to witness that scene once more he would start to break all over again.

    Crocodile looked up from some paperwork he’d been attending to. “What is it? You look horrid.”

    “Boss I… I don’t know if I can keep doing this,” Galdino said. “I don’t know if I can stand seeing the things I have to see…”

    Crocodile narrowed his eyes. “You’re complaining about having to see things like blood, death, and murder, yet I walked in on you having skinned a man alive?”

    “It’s not that,” Galdino said, his voice wavering. “It’s… what they do to people.”

    “Why is seeing the death of a random civilian you have no connection to such a problem?” Crocodile asked coldly. “You’re clearly a hardened killer. It shouldn’t matter to you.”

    “I’m not,” Galdino choked out. He couldn’t hold back the tears that started flowing down his cheeks. “I’m not, I’m not.”

    Crocodile seemed slightly surprised by the breakdown, but kept his calm demeanor. “You left two pirates in pieces in a forest, and one skinned and turned into a sculpture. If you’re not a killer, what are you?”

    “I don’t know anymore…” Galdino sobbed. He placed his hands on the desk in front of him to support himself as his legs threatened to stop working. “The pirates I killed before you found me… I did it because they killed my mother. She was the only thing I had in this world and they took her away from me. I have nightmares. Every night. I watch her die. Over, and over, and over again. I wake up sick, in more ways than one.” Everything came pouring out now. He couldn’t hold it back any longer, he needed to finally tell this all to someone. “I’m losing my mind, and any time I have to see them pillage another town, I lose a little more of it.” He looked up, staring into Crocodile’s eyes and looking for some sort of sympathy. “Please… Help me.”

    “What can I possibly do to help you?” Crocodile said. “I’m not a shrink, and if I have to let you go with all of the company’s secrets, you’re to be killed.”

    The moment Galdino’s next request left his lips, he felt as if he must have been crazy to ask it. “Stay with me… please.”

    “Me?” Crocodile questioned. “How will that help you?”

    Galdino had to say it now. He had to get it out. He had no idea what his boss’s reaction would be, but he couldn’t just keep it to himself anymore. “You’re the first one since her to make me feel whole. When I’m around you… that’s just about the only time I feel sane anymore. Boss… I… I think I’m in love with you.”

    Crocodile’s eyes widened. “That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?”

    “I’m sorry…” Galdino said, looking away. “I’m so sorry… I’ve overstepped my boundaries as an employee and I should be ashamed.”

    “Hold on a second,” Crocodile said. “While I’m not sure I return the feeling, I will say you’ve been my most faithful employee thus far. I respect you, and I’m willing to try and keep you working for me. So, what do you mean by staying with you?”

    Galdino was surprised at the man’s response to say the least. “There’s another bed in my suite… If you would just stay there… Just for one night and you can leave if you don’t want to keep doing it… I swear there would be no ulterior motive. Just having you there is enough.”

    “You’re starting to sound like a child who’s trying to climb into their parents’ bed after a bad dream,” Crocodile said. He wasn’t mocking, he just seemed… amused.

    Galdino couldn’t help the embarrassed flush on his cheeks at the statement. That was essentially what he was at this point. “Again, I’m sorry… This is so unprofessional…”

    “Unprofessional or not, you’re my best agent,” Crocodile said. “I would say you’re worth a simple room change in the long run.”

    Galdino couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “So, you’ll do it?” He mentally scolded himself for sounding too excited.

    “When do I move in?” Crocodile flashed a wry grin.


    Galdino was overjoyed as he prepared his room for Crocodile to move in. He didn’t get the response he’d been hoping for to his confession, but… it could have gone a lot worse. And even though he’d promised no funny business, he still couldn’t help the fact that he was holding a brightly burning torch for the man, a fire that was only being stoked by the thought of him living in the same space. If it was one-sided, so be it, but whatever way it ended up, the feeling was great.

    He was waiting at his door with a smile he hadn’t worn in days when Crocodile showed up, and he was happy to be ordered to go fetch the bags his boss had packed.

    Galdino bolted upright in his bed, cold sweat beading on his forehead and a rising lump in his throat. He gagged, fighting back the urge to be sick and gripping at his sheets for some sort of real-world grounding.

    The nightmares were still happening.

    This couldn’t be right. He’d eliminated every one of the men in his dreams. He shouldn’t be experiencing this anymore. He solved it, he knew he did. And yet, here he was again, waking pale as a sheet after watching his mother’s death yet again.

    And now, he started to lose hope. What good would it do if he’d accepted a job in which he could kill all the pirates he wanted if it wasn’t going to erase these horrible memories? What was he supposed to do to get himself out of this? He could only hope that as he kept going on his path to eliminate as many pirates as possible, he’d eventually heal. But what if that wasn’t the case? He couldn’t live with this forever. Despite everything he’d managed to do, he was too fragile for that.

    He picked up the mini Den Den Mushi he’d been given by Crocodile, waking it up from its sleep and placing a call to the ship in front of him.

    It rang for a few seconds before Galdino was met with a groggy, “What?”

    Galdino suddenly realized that he didn’t know what. He mentally scrambled for an explanation and came up with, “How far out are we?”

    “Less than a day’s travel,” Crocodile answered. “We should be reaching shore by noon tomorrow.” There was a pause. “…Today. Galdino, it is three in the morning. Couldn’t this have waited?”

    Galdino immediately felt silly. What was he doing calling a man he’d just met to look for comfort after a nightmare? “I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realize the time.”

    “Go back to sleep.” This statement was followed by the click of the receiver as the call was abruptly ended by the other party.

    Galdino sat there a while, staring around the room. He felt marginally better now, even after being hung up on, but he was still afraid to go back to sleep. His thoughts flicked to his mother, still lying in her coffin in the spare room next to the corpse of that monster of a man. The thought of that filth being so close to his beloved mother suddenly made him incredibly uncomfortable, and he got to his feet and headed to the room.

    He’d cleared the flesh scraps out and cleaned up the room before leaving the village docks, but had left the man’s wax-encased corpse in the room. Of course, he’d been planning on turning the remains into a work of art to keep as a reminder that the man was indeed dead, but now his thoughts were different. He couldn’t stand to have that man on his ship anymore, whether he was dead or not.

    He pushed the hardened form of the man across the floor and out of the room, then to the side of the ship. With all the strength he could muster, he gripped the figure and hauled it over the intricate molding, watching as it fell into the water below. He’d have plenty of chances to make artwork from his kills later on. For now, that particular statue didn’t have a place on his ship.


    As Crocodile had said, they reached Alabasta at about noontime. Galdino docked his ship next to Crocodile’s and they met on the dock.

    “I assume I’ll be living on my ship?” Galdino half said, half asked.

    “Nonsense,” Crocodile said. Galdino wasn’t going to deny that hearing his voice again was very much a welcome thing. “I run a casino here. You can have a room in the hotel portion.”

    “Thank you,” Galdino said, slightly surprised that he would be offered a living space. “I’ll need time to fetch my bags then.”

    “Make it quick,” he heard Crocodile say as he turned to get back onto his ship.


    He made it as quick as possible, gathering all of the bags he had barely unpacked since he’d left his hometown. He hadn’t had much use for changes of clothes or hygiene supplies in his downward spiral, so they were all still neatly packed since the only times he’d used them were the few times he’d gone out to sell sculptures in the village he’d left yesterday. While he was still exhausted and dealing with the mental stress of his nightmares, he thought he’d be able to use those things while he was here. Somehow, he felt a little bit better.

    He was led through the city by Crocodile, and as he went he observed his surroundings. Alabasta seemed to be a desert country. It was hot, the dirt roads were dry and cracked, and the people all wore shawls and headdresses to protect themselves from the sun that constantly beat down. With the fancy and colorful clothing Galdino and Crocodile were wearing, they seemed to stand out among the other citizens who mostly wore earth tones and cloth.

    They approached a large pyramid-shaped building surrounded by a moat, the most notable feature of which was a large golden crocodile statue situated directly at the top. Strangely enough, for some reason it had a banana on its head. Galdino shrugged it off as something he’d probably find out more about later, and followed Crocodile inside the building.

    “This is it,” Crocodile said. “I’ll show you to your room so you can put your things down, but you won’t be staying there long. We’ve got business to discuss.”

    They made their way through the main gambling hall to an elevator at the very back, waiting until it arrived and stepping in. The decreased size of the space prompted Galdino into nervousness, though he wasn’t exactly sure why. He’d been increasingly timid in the presence of Crocodile since they’d met, and felt a confusing urge that cycled between wanting to run away and wanting to move closer to the man. He was out of his element, he supposed. It was a new place after all.

    He was relieved when the elevator stopped and they exited into a posh carpeted hallway. Crocodile led him to one of the doors and produced a key Galdino supposed was a skeleton key to all of the rooms, opening the door to reveal a suite style living space. Galdino’s face lit up upon seeing this – it was definitely more tailored to the standards of living he enjoyed than being on his ship all the time.

    “Am I going to have to pay for this?” he asked, placing his bags down just inside the doorway. He had money saved up if that was the case, but he didn’t know how long it would last if he had to put his waxwork aside to do his new job.

    “Your payment will be working for me,” Crocodile replied. “As long as you perform adequately your room and meals will be free. I make enough money off of all of the other patrons. Now come with me and we can talk about your position.”

    All this being led around was making Galdino more nervous, but he complied and followed Crocodile back to the elevator, where once again he felt a strong sense of being… too close to the man. They exited on the very bottom floor, where he could see that they seemed to be under the water of the moat. To Galdino’s surprise, he noticed a few small animals swimming past the glass panes surrounding the room – Crocodiles. They looked like juveniles, as they were still relatively small, and… they had the same bananas on their heads as the statue, protruding from their scales as a strange growth.

    “Are those… yours?” Galdino asked, pointing to them. “What’s on their heads?”

    “Yes, those are my pets,” Crocodile answered. “They’ll start to get a lot bigger soon. As for their heads… it’s just a mutation. Started in the mother I used to breed them.”

    “Oh,” Galdino acknowledged. “So… business?”

    “Yes, sit down.” Crocodile gestured to a long table surrounded by high-backed chairs. “We’ve got a lot to talk about.”




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Sketch: $7, for each extra character add $3

Flat-colored sketch: $10, for each extra character add $5

Shaded sketch: $12, for each extra character add $6

Lineart: $12, for each extra character add $6

Flat color: $15, for each extra character add $7

Shading: $20, for each extra character add $10

For a design background (polka dots, etc.) add $5 to any of these.

For a background with actual items (chair, food, etc.) add $7 to any of these.


Sketch: $2 each

Flat-colored sketch: $3 each

Shaded sketch: $4 each

Lineart: $4 each

Lineart + flat color: $5 each

Lineart + shading: $7 each

For a design background (polka dots/etc.) add $2 to any of these.

For a background with actual items (chair, food, etc.) add $4 to any of these.

I will do NSFW and kink art at no extra charge.

Please, please send references. Even if you don’t have your OC drawn or you want a canon character with a specific body type that there’s no art of, try to look up a reference that is similar to them. Putting together several references and specifying which traits from them you want your commissioned characters to have is the best way to go if you don’t have a pic.

My email is Please send any commission requests there along with references. I ask for payment in advance because there are unfortunately people out there who will ask for a drawing and never pay for it.

Here are some examples of my work:

Sketch, waist up, no background:


Shaded sketch, waist up w/ design background:


Lineart + shading, waist up, no background:



Lineart + shading, full body w/ design background:



Lineart+shading, waist up w/ actual background:


Lineart + shading, headshot w/ item background:


Lineart/shading, headshot w/ design background:

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